AI 工具

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Code completion - OpenAI APIopen in new window | The AI Search Engine You Controlopen in new window 综合网站,需要代理

AICodeHelper - AI编程助手open in new window

  • 解释代码 explan the code
  • 优化代码、重写代码、简化代码、写单测、翻译代码、给代码写文档、定位 bug
  • 脚手架、给出模板代码
  • ChatGPT - 用于自定义编程教程
  • 代码空间——用于自定义环境
  • Copilot - 提供快速代码建议

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elvis 在 Twitter: "My tools for learning to code new things: • ChatGPT - for custom programming tutorials • Codespaces - for custom environments • Copilot - for quick code suggestions Scary and exciting at the same time but it's evident that AI is accelerating developer productivity." / Twitteropen in new window



  1. safari 阅读模式提炼文本
  2. 输入训练内容,以下为常用沟通语句

列出动词语句 list verb phrases

列出不常见词 list the unusual words

语法分析 do grammatical analysis with last content

替代信息流应用,比如可以针对知识库做摘要 使用 OpenAI 和 ChatGPT 构建应用程序 | Swizec出纳员open in new window

AI can help you write better: Use these 3 free AI websites:

  1. Write blogs, emails, and social posts in new window
  2. Write faster, sound smarter http://HyperWriteAI.comopen in new window
  3. Your content creation superpower http://Writerly.AIopen in new window
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